Shelby Moulden


Howdy. I am a third year art and design student at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. I concentrate in graphic design but I also touch in the fine arts and photography. I am now learning how to web design so you'll be able to see a link to more sites later. But for now you have to deal with what I got. I used to do a lot of cartoons and comics but I finally decided that the comic book business just wasn't for me. The people in those worlds are just not very nice. They are just too competitive.

I have a style influenced by my history in comic books though I'm trying to break away from it. I want to be a swiss army knife designer: someone who can do any style of work depending on the job. Hopefully you can see that. Remember, I'm still learning.

Enjoy browsing through my portfolio. There is a little bit of everything in here. Maybe you'll love something and be inspired, which I would hope to be the case, or you will think all of this is complete krp. No matter what you think, I would love to hear your opinions. Peace.